Accounting software for vegetable market whole sellers and commission agents, traders buying from local markets and sending to other markets in other towns and cities.

This software is in use since 1999.

  • Mktfas

General features   हिन्दी के लिए

  • window based codeless accounting, select accounts by typing names
  • facility English and Gujarati languages
  • farmer bill( person whose goods are sold )
  • trader bill( who buys goods )

features for Commission business

  • trader viz different commission rates can be set
  • vegetable viz different commission rates can be set
  • commission to be recovered from seller/buyer/both/none
  • depending on commission setting in farmers bill , commission from trader is charged
  • a traders bill can have some items on which commission is charged/not charged
  • in some mandi(markets) the truck driver/transporter brings goods of say 50 farmers. facility is provided to print a list of all such in some mandi(markets) the truck driver/transporter brings goods of say 50 farmers. facility is provided to print a list of all such bills in a day. Or a summary of all such bills for a period. This can facilitate giving or calculating commission to driver or Transporter
Following Business practices can be handled by the software( for trading business).
  • Some traders buy goods from other commission agents.
  • It can be in lose or in packed condition.
  • Lose goods are collected at a place and sorted for quality and packed and weighed.
  • Second or third quality goods are sold locally at cheap rates.
  • Vegetables in good condition are sent for sale to other cities and towns.
  • Sometimes late received vegetables are kept overnight and mixed with vegetables of next day.
  • The rate at which it will be sold is not known while preparing the sell bills.
  • Usually such traders send the goods to two different commission agents in other town.
  • Some times goods are sent against order where rates are already known.
  • The agent to whom the goods are sent may or may not charge commission.
  • The rates of commission may vary from town to town.
  • The truck carrying the goods is paid in advance or may get lorry bhada from commission agent in other town.
  • The trader sending the goods may charge labour, commission if he is selling against order. Or he may incur such expenses but can not charge to the buyer.
  • The lorry taking the goods may deliver the goods at more than one traders but only a single trader will pay him lorry bhada.
  • Sometimes the trader receives vegetable from other commission agents in the market but the bills are received after some days.
  • Bills of a day may list vegetables supplied on some previous day.
    1. The program will give average purchase rates for a product considering the wastage, second quaility sell at fixed rates
    2. It will give approximate profit & loss per transaction
    3. It will give a summary of profit / loss made in dealings with a particular commission agent

Download trial version.

Instructions for downloading.

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